Sometimes to increase production all you need is a solution.



Thanks to GAMA AUTOMATION's technical expertise and Pesce srl's experience, Pesce Group delivers customized projects and 360° services for all automated orientation solutions.
Contact us, GAMA AUTOMATION is service oriented: 3D design and redesign, telephone and video helpline in different languages, on-site service, software assistance, 24/48 hours spare parts shipment, validation and certification for sterile environment equipments.
A company that grows up, always wants to turn into a Group.
After 50 years of growth Pesce further expands and thanks to Gama Automation it represents your preferred partner for any orientation solution.
Our global expertise assures the Group's competitive edge.
We follow our product step by step through its life: with us our customers are never alone.

We are increasing our efforts to double our goals.
Two plants and over 80 collaborators enable PESCE GROUP to design and manufacture over 1,500 machines per year.
Our solutions are developed on certified safety. Also in a sterile environment.
We reach anywhere: quality always speaks a universal language.

We develop our projects from your needs.
From mechanical sorters to vibrating units, from solutions with feeding units, gravity elevators or vision systems to the most complex tailored solutions, the potential of PESCE GROUP is directly proportional to the specificity of your requirements.
PESCE GROUP covers any intervention area: Electro-mechanical, Packaging, Food&Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharma and Parapharmaceutical, always creating the right tailored solution.
Gama Automation, via Rana, 47/49 z.i. d5 - 15122 Spinetta Marengo - Alessandria
GAMA AUTOMATION is a leader in bottle, pump, cap, little tube and syringe reordering systems, including in sterile environments, making Pesce Group the ideal partner for all food, pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.
GAMA AUTOMATION addresses any requirement, even the most complex ones, to create new generation systems: mechanical, electrical and electronic solutions, designed to handle the oriented pieces with the utmost flexibility.